/The Resurgence of Tiger Woods

The Resurgence of Tiger Woods

Ever since Tiger Woods last won a major PGA tour event at the US Open in 2008, the world’s perception of him has changed. In the past few years, he has been the headlines for various actions including DUI and cheating scandals. After these low points in his career, coupled with various injuries and surgeries in recent years have made his recovery all the more difficult. In the past 12 months, Woods has seen a steady increase in placing at tournaments. For example, Woods placed 2nd at the PGA championship, only two strokes behind the winner, Brooks Koepka. Despite these bright spots, they were few and far between as Woods has been cut at several important tournaments and placing in the 20’s of other tournaments. At the 2019 Masters, one of the most prominent golf tournaments in the world, Woods finally made the comeback that everyone was hoping for. From reactions on social media, to new Tiger Woods apparel sweeping the world, it seems that Woods can only rise in stardom from here. Playing against elite golfers like Jordan Speith, Francesco Molinari, and Jason Day, Woods managed to shoot 13 under par. With many important tournaments remaining on the tour, Woods still has ways to go in terms of cementing his legacy as one of the greatest of all time. However, he has made an important first step to returning to his rightful spot as a golf legend.