/Should School Start Later?

Should School Start Later?

Should School Start Later?


The National Sleep Foundation states that an average teenager needs around 9 hours of sleep every night. Most Belmont Hill students rarely meet this requirement. Loss of sleep can be harmful to, paying attention, solving problems, dealing with stress, and much more. These effects can alter academic and athletic performances. Methods similar to, cutting sports or decreasing the amount of homework the students have would not happen without consequences. Moreover, there may be another solution, such as starting school later.


Argument For:

As teenagers turn into adolescents, their body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock is reset. This causes a teen to fall asleep later and then wake up later. After asking a few Belmont Hill students, some have said that they try to go to sleep earlier, but end up sitting in their bed unable to fall asleep. This is an example of the circadian rhythm causing students to stay up later.

In 1923, when Belmont Hill started, the school started at 9:00 in the morning. Hypothetically, the students could be allotted an extra one hour of sleep. As a result, the students would be more attentive and possibly increase athletic and academic results. One hour of sleep may seem small, but the benefits it provides are certainly impactful.


Argument Against:

If school starts later, all activities have to be moved later. A major problem is parent work schedules. If school is moved one hour later, many parents will not be able to drive their children to school and still be on time for work. Also, that means students might have more responsibilities such as preparing breakfast and getting to school on their own. The school buses schedule will have to be changed as well. This may cause conflicts with the school or the bus company.

Another problem is that if the day stars later, extracurricular activities would have to be pushed later in the day. Sports practices outside could have problems with it becoming too dark to play, due to the later start time. Students would get home later changing pickup schedule and time for out of school activities. The problems that arise with starting later such as transportation and scheduling are too large to deal with, making school starting later a bad idea.


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