/Should Belmont Hill Have 4:00?

Should Belmont Hill Have 4:00?

For many Belmont Hill students both of the present and the past, an extra study hall following sports was one of many major selling points in choosing the school. However, it is only healthy to occasionally discuss whether this 45-minute period of time, called ‘four-o’clock’ by students and teachers alike, affects the community positively or negatively. In asking students their opinion on this topic, both sides to the debate were supported. Thus, in this article, we will look into both sides of the spectrum, before hopefully finding a conclusion regarding the topic.

First, we will begin with the positives. Many students find that this period of time allows for quiet, focused, and effective work. Without this period, they argue, the work accomplished at 4:00 would otherwise be done late at night. Thus, it would be done with less effort and less efficiency. 4:00 allows them to lessen their work for the rest of the night, clearing up time for extracurriculars outside of school. Additionally, some clubs and activities are able to meet regularly at 4:00, proving to be an effective use of time. Without 4:00, there simply might not be enough room in the schedule during the week for all clubs to be able to meet.

There are also some advocates on the other end of the spectrum. These students find that 4:00, being late in the school day and after sports, provides for ineffective work. Often, many people feel the urge to relax rather than be productive. Not only does this period of time delay when they would do work, but it also lengthens their commutes home. Whereas 3:30 traffic is reasonable, 5:00 is in the middle of rush hour. Due to these reasons, a portion of students believes that 4:00 should be removed.

There are both pros and cons to 4:00. In fact, while some people felt definitively on one side or another, the most common opinion regarding this topic was somewhere in between the two extremes. On some days, these students found 4:00 to have a positive effect. Yet on other days, it seemed that the work accomplished was not worth the time spent. Considering that some students see great benefit in it, it is conclusive that 4:00 should not be abolished altogether. Instead, many of these students suggested that perhaps 4:00 could be optional: a possibility that could benefit Belmont Hill for the better.