/Poetry Fest

Poetry Fest

On April 22, contestants from all over the Belmont Hill campus came to compete in the annual Poetry Fest. This event was a blast with 42 semi-finalists from each English class. After each presented their respective poems to Dr. Tift and Mr. Conway, they were narrowed to 12 finalists. All the contestants were incredible, but the 3 that were voted as Distinctive Recitation winners were Daniel Bittner (From III) who recited The Man With The Hoe by Edwin Markham, Renny Gong (Form V) who recited First World Problems by Chance the Rapper, and Brian Wilkins (Form V) who recited i by Kendrick Lamar.

All the winners were unbelievable, with Daniel Bittner earning the honor three times in a row, Renny Gong spicing up his poem with an added bit of singing, and Brian Wilkins with overall astonishing memorization and performance.

This Belmont Hill tradition truly brings out a artistic vision of boys. The poems they must memorize are speak to them and it is an experience like no other when you have a poem embedded into your brain. This event helps the boys practice public speaking as well as deliver a point of view that only you understand

This year was a major success and is hoped to be repeated for years to come.