/Nature Vs. Nurture/Do We Control Our Own Destiny?

Nature Vs. Nurture/Do We Control Our Own Destiny?

Hello everyone. It is your favorite Dr. Lee and Professor Bittner here to speak about one of the most pressing questions that we know you are dying to have answered: “Nature or nurture?” This is the closest we will come to “Who are you,” so be grateful for this opportunity. For those of you who have never heard of this debate, it is essentially a question of what part of who you are is determined by genetics, and what part is determined by your interaction with your environment. To this question there is not a concrete answer, nor is there much input to be done on the topic other than speculation, as we cannot truly measure how much genetics or interactions impacts your personality, though a similar question, do we can control our destiny, or is it predetermined from birth, is much more explicable. There are two major approaches to this question, though people are not limited to these approaches alone. The first is that we are entirely responsible for our destiny, and though we may be influenced by different people to do different things, we are ultimately responsible for all of our actions. The second approach is that genetically we are made to respond to things in a certain way and every interaction that we have with our environment since birth influences the way we react to things in the future, and so ultimately we have no control of what we do. Both approaches are reasonable, and since last time we were critiqued for writing too much, we will end the article here.

Wait. What was that? You’re considering throwing this newspaper down the stairs because you can’t read more from us. Have no worries. We are planning a big article for next fall. Bon voyage!