/Is Water wet?

Is Water wet?

By Duncan Kilbride

Is water wet? A common question wondered by many. The answer to this hypothetical varies depending on the person. Although many support the idea of water being wet, it has been scientifically proven to actually depend on the amount of water or liquid present. One water molecule is considered dry or not wet, but two or more, also known as a strong tetrahedral hydrogen bond making, is wet. This is proven by the very definition of wetness, the state or condition of being covered or saturated with water or another liquid; dampness. One water molecule is not covered or saturated with water. But multiple substances would result in that molecule “being covered” or touching another water molecule.

This long-time discussed inquiry has been proven by some of the many scientists and others who wished to seek out this question.  Water is “dry” when singular on the molecular scale, and wet to anything more than that.