Burgess Reflection

Duncan Kilbride

On September 5th, First Form departed for their trip to Camp Burgess. The timeless trip helped to ease the stress of commencing a new school...

Mr. Schneider Interview

Luke Hogan, Ben Gliklich

How has the start of school been for you and your family? The start of the school has been amazing I feel like the school has gone out of their way to welcome me and my family...

Becket Reflections 2018

Form III

“It began to rain and thunder, although this seemed to dampen our fun day, it actually added to the fun.” “Just as we were about to turn back for the shore, I turned to see the bottom of a canoe and two kids and lifejackets...

Bruins 2018-19

James Donahue

As the leaves begin to turn and there is a little chill in the air, the Black and Gold are opening up the season on Causeway Street...

Sneaker News

Benjamin Kuechle

The month of October will bring many new and hyped sneakers starting with the Off White Nike Blazers. These released in the “all hallows eve” and the “grim reaper” colorways...

Interview with Mrs. Schneider

Ryan Griffin

How do you like BH so far? I love it. I’m very happy here, I’m originally from the Boston area. This feels like a homecoming. I love being close to Boston, I love the sports teams...

Tiger Woods’s Incredible Comeback

Alex Lo, Ben Gliklich

At age 19, he had become the best golfer in the world.. That was 23 years ago. If Tiger Woods had retired last year, no one would have cared. However, after falling down in the ranks out of the top 1000...

Patriots Season Start Review

Noah Farb, Kevin Weldon

As you probably know, one of the best teams in the National Football League the New England Patriots had a rough start. After winning Week One against the Houston Texans, they proceeded to...

MLB Playoff Bracket

Noah Farb

AL Wild Card Round (AWAY TEAM)(5) Oakland Athletics 97-65 (HOME TEAM)(4) New York Yankees 100-62 The A’s use of the “opener” strategy combined with journeymen pitchers, is somehow better than the Yankees rotation...

Third Cross Country

Howard Huang

The 2018 Middle School Cross Country season has started off with flair yet again. Starting off undefeated against Fessenden (25-36), Catholic Memorial (27-30), St. Sebastian’s (22-38), and St. John’s Prep (20-40)...

Interview with Latin Club Head

Ryan Griffin

How is the Latin Club going so far? Excellent. I feel like we got some good new faces and the older kids are really bringing a new level of Latin to the club. The boys are buzzin...

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