/Final Interview with Mr. Wood

Final Interview with Mr. Wood


Mr. Wood has been a Latin teacher at Belmont Hill for 36 years, longer than every student and some teachers have been alive. Mr. Wood was also a student at Belmont Hill for six years. Mr. Wood has become one of the familiar faces in the classics department. I sat down with Mr. Wood during an X block.


What sports and activities did you participate in at Belmont Hill? (As a Student)

“Football, Hockey and Baseball, and I ended up switching from Baseball to Crew.”


What is the most significant change made since you started at Belmont Hill?

“There are a lot more women on the faculty, that’s been a really important change and a very good one. I think there is more diversity. The campus looks a lot better, and you know it has always been a beautiful campus but there are a lot more new buildings and I think they are taking better care of the grounds and the building then back when I was a student.”


How many teachers have been at Belmont Hill since you started?

“Mr. Sherman, Mr. Greer, Mr. Martin, Mr. Martellini.”


How have electronics for students changed your teaching methods?

“Well I project everything now in class, and there is a lot of stuff in front of the class on the board and you know I used to teach History and even then I did a lot more Powerpoints and more slides and so on to help organize the material so some kids could visualize the material.”


How have sports changed throughout your time here?

“I think that the biggest change is the whole club sports thing. You get a lot more kids coming to campus coming to campus who have got experience in different sports. You see it in Rowing, Wrestling, Soccer, and Football and for a lot of the kids now its really been a good experience for them being coach by really good coaches before they get to Belmont Hill and they seem to have a really good sense of what they are doing in those sports when they get to Belmont Hill. To me, that is a good thing and a bad thing, because I think that one of the things that were always kind of fun playing Football with a bunch of guys who had not played an awful lot and for you to learn together.”


What is the same since you started here?

“I think kind of the culture of the school in terms of its expectations of students and the hard work. The fact that Belmont Hill is a challenging place, it pushes you, it challenges you as a student, and that is what makes you a better student, and I think that is something that I would not change at all.”


How has academics changed since you started here?

“There is a lot more choice, and students can choose what they wanted to study even in the middle school there is a choice. Back when I was here, I don’t think we had much choice at all, in terms of what you wanted to do, except in language. There are a lot more choices and a lot more courses that are being offered.”


Who was the most influential person at Belmont Hill when you started?

“Mr. Gallager had a very good influence on me, he was a faculty member that I coached with and talked to. Mr. Martin has been a very important influence on me. The headmasters, Dr. Melvoin, was important and the guy that hired me was Mr. Wadsworth.”


What are you looking forward to most when you retire?

“I remember a retired teacher once told me that there were periods of the day where he didn’t know what time it was because here we have bells that structure our day. I look forward to having little more control of my schedule, my own time. I am also going to be doing some coaching Crew, and I am just being able to focus on coaching and not having to worry about all the things that go on here. Looking forward to sleeping in and not having a lot of correcting to do at night.”


What will you miss about Belmont Hill?

“I will miss the people here, both the faculty, students, and parents. A lot of good people that I met here that I have enjoyed working with and students that I have enjoyed working with, definitely a lot of faculty that have been important to me to be able to see every day here.”