/David Greer: 41 years of Teaching and Coaching

David Greer: 41 years of Teaching and Coaching

Mr. Greer, who taught for 41 years at Belmont Hill, has been an integral part of the school for just under half of its lifetime. Currently, he teaches two classes, American Literature and English 4, along with running a Hero Elective for Seniors. In addition, Mr. Greer coaches JV baseball and Fourth Football and Basketball.

Mr. Greer began teaching for Belmont Hill back in 1978 after teaching in Connecticut for eight years. He quickly became part of the Belmont Hill community and has been teaching Upper School English and coaching ever since. From 2013-2018, Mr. Greer held the Byrnes Family Chair for Humanities, established in 2000 by Bill Byrnes ’40 and Randy Byrnes ’65. This chair was made to honor a faculty member that excels in teaching Language, Literature, or History.

One of his colleagues, Mr. O’Leary, describes coaching with him like this, “Coach Greer is a great mentor. He is a terrific coach and Belmont Hill will miss his ability to teach the offensive side of the sport of football so effectively.  His creative plays, including his reverse and fake reverse, almost always worked. I personally appreciated his willingness to give me opportunities to grow as a coach by handing over to me some of his own responsibilities and then supporting me.” Mr. O’Leary describes how it was for him to coach 4th Football alongside Mr. Greer. He shows how Mr. Greer was smart and clever with him plays, but let others coach instead of coaching by himself all the time.

This year, Mr. Greer has decided to retire after his 41 years of teaching. While the Belmont Hill community will surely miss his presence in the school, we wish him well in the coming years and thank him for all he has done for our school.