/NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoff Predictions

Matthew Martines


Patriots vs Chargers

My prediction: Patriots 27 Chargers 17

Tom Brady and the Patriots will be well rested because of the first round bye. The Patriots seemed to have finally figured it out late in the season and just in time for the playoffs. Home field advantage for the Patriots makes that a favorite in this game since the Chargers are used to playing in the warm weather of LA. The Patriots offense will find a way to score even without Josh Gordon.

Chiefs vs Colts

My prediction: Chiefs 41 Colts 21

The high powered Kansas city offense will not be stopped by the Colts defense, which is not very strong. Even though the Chiefs defense is not great, their offense can make up for that. A possible MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes has played incredible this season with 50 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. With weapons like Tyreek Hill, the offense will carry them to the AFC Championship.


Rams vs Cowboys

My prediction: Rams 35 Cowboys 20

The Rams have been a very strong team all season long and they will beat the Cowboys in this game by a close margin. Jared Goff has had a great season with 32 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. But the defense of the Rams will win them the game. Their defense will contain the running ability of Ezekiel Elliott with their strong defensive line.

Eagles vs Saints

My Prediction: Saints 45 Eagles 21

The Saints will blow out the Eagles with the help of Drew Brees. The Saints offense has proved unstoppable this season and Drew Brees is having an MVP season with 32 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. The only way the Eagles could pull this out is by a miracle.

Championship Games


Patriots vs Chiefs

My prediction: Chiefs 38 Patriots 35

Sadly, the Patriots will not make it to the Super Bowl this year. The Chiefs have too much talent. The ultimate downfall of the Patriots is their defense, which will not be able to stop the Chiefs high powered offense. Patrick Mahomes The Patriots will put up a good fight, but they will not be able to pull this game out.


Rams vs Saints

My prediction: Saints 31 Rams 28

The Saints will pull out a close one at home to make it to the Super Bowl. The defense of the Rams will not be able to stop Drew Brees and the Saints. Drew Brees has been on fire all year long and he will continue it during this championship game. The defense of the Saints will also step up to get some crucial stops to help them win.

Super Bowl:

My prediction: Chiefs 41 Saints 35

The Super Bowl will be a high scoring game since both teams have very good offenses but struggling defenses. The Chiefs will win this game because of Patrick Mahomes. He performs well in high stakes games and he will do it again and have a great game to boost the Chiefs to victory. But it will be very close since Drew Brees will not go down easy. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will just edge out Drew Brees and the Saints for the Super Bowl.