/MLB 2018 Free Agency Predictions

MLB 2018 Free Agency Predictions

MLB 2018 Free Agency Predictions

Noah Farb

All updates in the prediction sections are as of 1/2

Notable Free Agents who have already signed (as of 12/5).

All numbers in parenthesis are the ESPN free agent rank of the player.

Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks→ Nationals (3)

Josh Donaldson, Indians→ Braves (8)

Nathan Eovaldi, Red Sox→  Red Sox (11)

CC Sabathia, Yankees→  Yankees (27)

Jesse Chavez, Cubs→  Rangers (28)

Steve Pearce, Red Sox→  Red Sox, (49)

The Huge Ones

Manny Machado, Los Angeles Dodgers, SS/3B (1)

The option for Manny Machado to play either shortstop or third base makes him open to a lot of teams in need of the position. The Braves and Phillies were thought to be some of the potential suitors for Machado but Josh Donaldson signed with Atlanta and the Phillies traded for Jean Segura which limits both their chances. Machado has seemed to lean towards the Yankees and that’s probably where he’ll end up even with his ‘Johnny Hustle’ comments.

Prediction: New York Yankees, Second: Philadelphia Phillies,

Other Possibilities: Chicago White Sox

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, RF (2)

Bryce Harper is not a top fielder like Manny Machado is and playing a corner outfield spot will limit the amount of teams that will try to sign him. He will still have a very big market though and could turn into a bidding war for a couple teams. The Phillies will try very hard to sign him but I don’t think the Nationals will let a division rival take him from them. The Nationals will have some spending limitations from the Patrick Corbin deal which could open up a spot for a team outside the NL East

Prediction: Chicago Cubs, Second: Philadelphia Phillies,

Other Possibilities: Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers

The Big Ones

Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians, RF (4)

Basically this will be for whoever will pay the most money of the people who missed out on Bryce Harper.

Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies, Second: Chicago White Sox,

Other Possibilities: Houston Astros

Update: Brantley signed with the Astros.

Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros, SP (5)

Like Michael Brantley, this will be a bidding war for the top left-handed starting pitcher left after Patrick Corbin signed.

Prediction: Houston Astros, Second: New York Yankees,

Other Possibilities: Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds

AJ Pollock, Arizona Diamondbacks, CF (6)

The market could be very slow or very fast for Pollock with numerous teams trying to become relevant after long rebuilds with young unproven players at center.

Prediction: Chicago White Sox, Second: Philadelphia Phillies,

Other Possibilities: Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels

Andrew McCutchen, New York Yankees, CF (13)

The same stuff that happens to Pollock will probably happen to McCutchen who will probably get signed either right before or after Pollock does.

Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies, Second: Chicago Cubs,

Other Possibilities: San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers

Update: Andrew McCutchen signed with the Phillies.

JA Happ, New York Yankees, SP (17)

The Yankees losing out on Corbin probably means at least another starting pitchers will sign with them.

Prediction: New York Yankees, Second: Houston Astros,

Other Possibilities: Cincinnati Reds

Update: JA Happ signed with the Yankees.

Craig Kimbrel, Boston Red Sox, RP (40)

Many teams will try to sign Kimbrel but his price might be affected by all the failed reliever signings from last year.

Prediction: Chicago Cubs, Second: Boston Red Sox,

Other Possibilities: Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves

Andrew Miller, Cleveland Indians, RP (43)

When and for what price Miller signs for will probably be affected by Kimbrel which could help or hurt him.

Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies, Second: Atlanta Braves

Other Possibilities: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals

Update: Andrew Miller signed with the Cardinals.

Other Notables               2018 Team 2019 Team (Prediction)

Jed Lowrie (7) A’s→ A’s


Charlie Morton (9) Astros→ Astros

Signed with Rays

Yasmani Grandal (10) Dodgers→ Astros


Hyun Jyu Ryu (12) Dodgers→ Dodgers

Signed with Dodgers

Lance Lynn (14) Yankees→ Braves

Signed with Rangers

Wilson Ramos (16) Phillies→ Phillies/Mets

Signed with Mets

Nelson Cruz (19) Mariners→ Twins

Signed with Twins

Gio Gonzalez (22) Brewers→ Reds
Matt Harvey (24) Reds→ Reds

Signed with Angels

Mike Moustakas (25) Brewers→ Brewers
Adam Ottavino (31) Rockies→ Cubs
Jeurys Familia (33) A’s→ Red Sox

Signed with Mets

David Robertson (34) Yankees→ Yankees
Marwin Gonzalez (35) Astros→ Dodgers
Kelvin Herrera (38) Nationals→ Nationals
Joe Kelly (41) Red Sox→ Red Sox

Signed with Dodgers

Drew Pomeranz (42) Red Sox→ Red Sox
Jeremy Helickson (46) Nationals→ Twins
Ryan Madson (47) Dodgers→ White Sox
Cody Allen (48) Indians→ Indians