/Fortnite Season 7: An extensive report

Fortnite Season 7: An extensive report

Fortnite Season 7: An extensive report

Daniel Xie

On Thursday, December 6th, the whole world witnessed an event that brought Christmas spirit to Fortnite. With new vehicles, a new battle pass, and new locations, Season 7 was… cool. First off, Epic added some new locations to the Fortnite map, including Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, a snow covered Snobby Shores and Shifty Shafts, and a completely iced over Greasy Grove, and Lazy Links has been replaced by the Block. Basically, half the map is now frozen. Stepping on the ice will have the same effect as a Chiller Trap, freezing your feet and letting you slide. This is good for fast moving, but is not the best for build battles, or just overall aiming/building. As for a ski resort, that has not yet been added, but ziplines have been placed throughout the map, along with airplane/quadcrasher hangers. The airplanes have a boost feature, similar to the quadcrasher, and have a mounted turret attached to the front. In addition to all the added features, Epic Games added a new game mode, Creative mode, where you can build whatever you want.

Every season brings a new battle pass, and Season 7 was no exception. The free pass includes basic cosmetics, like the Royale Air Glider, or the Abominable Axe. It also includes emotes, such as the Mic Drop Emote. The battle pass, costing 950 V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) contains much more items. If and when you decide to purchase the battle pass, you are instantly given the Lynx and Zenith skins. At Tier 5, you unlock a new feature added to Fortnite: Gun Skins. With these, you can decorate your guns/vehicles, making them colorful and unique. Tier 11 also has a gun skin, along with tiers 26, 43, 60, and 74. There is also a “Festive” lobby music option available at tier 13. Following Season 6’s Pet addition, Season 7 introduces a cute, adorable guinea pig named Hamirez (Unlockable Styles at Tiers 52 and 83). At tier 23, you unlock Sgt. Winter, a.k.a. Santa. Also, as an add-on to last Season’s unlocks, there is an Ice Puck toy, with similar physics to the basketballs and volleyballs that have been previously added. There is also more version of Remus, the dog available at Tiers 35, 67, and 93. At Tier 37, the remnants of Kevin, the Cube, are found in the new Glyphs contrail. As you hit Tier 39, you pay tribute to the great Durrr Burger with the new Glidurrr! Continuing on the Fast Food theme, at tier 43, there is a Durrr Burger Gun Skin, and at Tier 87, you see a girl in a Durrr Burger Onesie. The next skin is the Powder skin. She is a skier with an oversized jacket, and teal snow pants. At tier 54, there is the new “Disco” lobby music option, and at tier 55, there is an Ice Cube back bling. Inside the ice is a penguin. Don’t ask me why. Next up, at tier 58, there is the new Fiber Optics contrail, which looks like fireworks coming out of the character’s hands. There is also a sleek Indigo Ice Gun Skin available at Tier 60, and a Skull Trooper version of Remus at Tier 67. At Tier 71 is one of my personal favorite skins, a blue caveman named Trog. It’s motto is, “Trog Fight Good!” A shiny Carbon & Gold Gun Skin is available at Tier 74, and a Durrr Burger toy can be unlocked at tier 76. Adding to the collection of sick contrails, at Tier 85 is the Swirls contrail, which is so cool that you need to have a look for yourself! Another cool music option, “Twist,” is up for grabs at Tier 92, along with the awesome Ice version of Remus available at Tier 93. Finally, at Tier 100, is the Ice King, a absolutely insane looking guy with glowing hot eyes and a hotter temper. There are four unlockable styles/colors: Blue, Red, White and Orange.

As for what’s to come, we don’t know yet. Polar Peak is slowly getting revealed. The Infinity Blade has been vaulted. There is a massive makeshift sundial near Fatal Fields. There is a submarine located near Frosty Flights. Will the ice melt? Will there be a water biome? An underwater section of the map? What does all of the buzz about Subnautica and Epic Games have to do with Fortnite? These are some questions we don’t know, or might never know. Only time will tell.