/Why IM Squash Shouldn’t Exist

Why IM Squash Shouldn’t Exist

Why IM Squash Shouldn’t Exist

Luke Carroll and Lawrence Tang

Middle School Intramural Squash shouldn’t exist. Intramural sports as a whole, in fact, are useless; they offer no structure, exercise, or progress for the students in that sport and are otherwise wasteful. Recently, IM Basketball was canceled. IM Squash should be the next to go. Belmont Hill has a reputation for excellence in athletics, and that reputation shouldn’t be damaged by the existence of gratuitous “hobby sports”. The best decision as a community would be to expand the Third Squash program (or other winter sports) and completely eliminate IM Squash. There are two outstanding issues with this and any other intramural sport: it tarnishes Belmont Hill’s reputation and takes up time and much-needed resources.
Firstly, though few other schools have mandatory sports like BH, almost none have intramural sports teams. The mandatory sports requirements don’t exist for the sake of forcing the students to play a sport; they exist so students can work together on a team and gain real athletic and leadership skills. IM Squash lacks in both of these benefits, failing to fulfill Belmont Hill’s core values. Not only does it tarnish the school’s sports reputation, but it sets back the students who decide to take it, regarding their athletic career. Belmont Hill is the most dominant school in the ISL, yet allows its reputation within and without the league to suffer because of its IM programs. These facts alone should have convinced the school to cancel any IM programs, yet IM Squash still exists. Other than its reputation, though, Belmont Hill should cancel the intramural program to alleviate some stress on faculty members and stop the waste of resources.

IM Squash requires faculty members, takes valuable time, and needs to be supplied (with balls, etc.) by our already overstretched gym staff. Firstly, at least one faculty member must register and monitor the players for over an hour (which, to begin with, can hardly be called enough for adequate exercise, but that’s beside the fact). Also, resources that IM Squash requires, like squash balls and goggles which have to be provided on a regular basis by the gym staff, could be put to better use in the real squash program. Lastly, IM Squash takes time and space that could be used by Third Squash. Because of IM Squash, Third Squash’s practice is also limited to just an hour. If IM Squash was eliminated, Third Squash could expand in time and scale, and offer a better experience to all squash players.

There are no negatives to canceling the IM Squash program. It would free up time and space for Third Squash. Faculty proctors would be relieved of a duty. Fewer resources would be wasted. Belmont Hill’s reputation would be bettered, and its students would have better experiences in sports. The argument for IM Squash doesn’t exist. It is unequivocally in the best interest of the entire school community to terminate IM Squash and give a new, better opportunity to the students in it. Now is the time for our new headmaster to bring change to BH sports and end these useless programs once and for all.