/Mrs. Schneider Interview

Mrs. Schneider Interview

Interview with Mrs. Schneider

Ryan Griffin

How do you like BH so far?

I love it. I’m very happy here. I’m originally from the Boston area; this feels like a homecoming. I love being close to Boston, I love the sports teams. I really love the student body. We’ve been welcomed warmly, the boys have been great with the girls, and I know (Mr. Schneider) is incredibly happy.

How has the transition been?

Honestly, the past year was probably the most challenging with all the anticipation of getting here, learning how to navigate Boston traffic, reconnecting with old friends, starting a new school for the girls over at Belmont Day School. Sometimes it wasn’t too challenging, just very busy, but now that it’s October, I feel that as a family we are really in our rhythm and I couldn’t be happier. In terms of Belmont Hill, everybody has played a major role in making us feel comfortable.

How have the kids handled the transition?

It varies. At first, when we told them, over a year ago, we had to take Colby through season by season because she would keep saying “Is it tomorrow?” and “Is it next week?” But now they are very settled and they love Belmont Day School. Belmont Day School has exceeded our expectations, there have been so many opportunities for me as a parent to get involved, and this has created a great way to form connections and opportunities for the girls. Now the transition feels seamless, and we are full of joy and excitement, with a sense of pride being on this campus.

What are some of the differences you’ve noticed between Berwick and BH?

To start, there are many similarities. Both schools embrace the students for who they are. Berwick was great about making sure everyone had a place, and valued who they were. Belmont Hill has done a great job doing the same. For differences, Belmont Hill has a football team while Berwick did not, and thi is very exciting for (Mr. Schneider). The family-style lunches are very impactful because it gives a chance to slow down and not have to rush through lunch, while having an opportunity to connect with different faculty members. The chance to have lunch with different grades together is also a great experience. The schedule is different with sports and I think that is a great brain break. Also, I think it is great for the boys to have Milk and Cookies.

Did you live on campus at Berwick?

Yes, we did in, a head of school’s house, not as centrally located, but it was a great opportunity for Mr. Schneider to be so involved, and be very present as a father. The most significant difference is that the girls are not in the school. Mr. Schneider misses having lunch with the girls during lower-school lunch.’

What is something you miss about Berwick?

What I miss about Berwick the most is the community. We formed deep connections and they