/Interview with Latin Club Head

Interview with Latin Club Head

Interview with Latin Club Head

Ryan Griffin

How is the Latin Club going so far?

Excellent. I feel like we got some good new faces and the older kids are really bringing a new level of Latin to the club. The boys are buzzin.

What are your goals for the Latin Club this year?

I really want to see the club growing in size. Mr. Wood has refused to make an announcement at lunch, and I’m really trying to get the word out about what we do.

How does Mr. Wood feel about your self-appointed position of power?

Oh, wow. Mr. Wood loves me. Next question.

How do your peers feel about you being head?

Everyone loves me. Everyone knows it. They’re fighting over who’s second in power.

How many people participate in Latin Club?

Numbers aren’t important, but I think we got a good group, and I think that’s all that really matters.

How does the Latin Club plan on expanding in the future?

We’re gonna start by making announcements at lunch when we actually have meetings (Thursday at 4) maybe send out some emails, get the younger guys involved.