/Burgess Reflection

Burgess Reflection

Burgess Reflection

Duncan Kilbride

On September 5th, the First Form departed for their trip to Camp Burgess. The timeless trip helped to ease the stress of commencing a new school. The Advisors, Mr. Carr, Mr. Cofield, Mrs, Kaplan, Mrs. Hamilton (accompanied by Mrs. Lyman), Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Holland, and Mr. Khan all participated in the fun activities held on the campground while keeping the entire grade in line.

When the buses pulled into the main lawn, Belmont Hill was greeted by the fresh air, the enchanting trees, and the kind staff. Before lunch, the 7th Grade played a variety of games ranging from body control exercises to blob tag. The last introduction game was a jump rope activity. The lunch was delicious. All the food products were fresh, and the cooking staff were very involved. The staff then divided each advisor group into one of the three activities, team building initiatives, rock climbing, or ziplining. During the team building initiatives, the advisor groups were tasked with challenges that require the entire group. During the rock climbing activity, you could choose between three different walls, some harder the others, or one could just boulder on a side wall. For ziplining, the advisory groups hiked up a small hill where they found a large platform. Once all geared up, the boys jumped into the soaring air. We also had plenty of free time in the evening.

After the savory dinner, the advisory groups went back to their cabins to prepare for the night walk. All the groups met in a large building, where a dodgeball game was held. The night walk allowed the boys to experience nature undisturbed.
On the last day, there was a relay race. To determine who would leave first, there was a charades game. The first leg of the race was to canoe out to the tip on a small island, grab a flag, then row back. Once on land again, the flag was run to the basketball court, where a teammate had to make a basket from the free throw line.

The trip to Camp Burgess provides exciting and interesting activities while bringing together the First Form. The trip is responsible for many new friendships. In a way it brought two total strangers and made them best friends overnight. Camp Burgess did a fantastic job creating games that all indulged to play in.

On the behalf on the entire First Form, we would like to thank the staff at Camp Burgess and the Advisors. Both made huge impacts on the success of the trip. Camp Burgess could not work without them.