/Becket Reflections 2018

Becket Reflections 2018

Becket Reflections 2018

By many authors

“It began to rain and thunder, although this seemed to dampen our fun day, it actually added to the fun.”

“Just as we were about to turn back for the shore, I turned to see the bottom of a canoe and two kids and lifejackets. Instinctively all of the kids in canoes started to paddle away as the lifeguard in a kayak went to see what happened. He then called us over to save their canoe from sinking. It was called a T-rescue. We lifted their canoe onto our canoe, flipped their canoe over and put it parallel to ours. Then the finally were able to climb back in. It was definitely my favorite experience of the trip and one I will never forget.”

“Camp Becket was an amazing experience for me. It was an opportunity for me to get to know a lot of the new students in our grade and to disconnect from my electronics and enjoy the nature. I learned a lot of new names and got to experience some things I haven't done before.”

“I definitely bonded with some classmates that I was not as close too before. Although it rained on the first day, there were still many activities that we got to play indoors which still improved our trust and friendships. My favorite activity was jumping off the cliff most because it was something I would not usually be able to do at home.”

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“I really enjoyed the trip because I got to talk with some of  the new kids who I had not really spent time with.”

“I feel much closer to my friends and many of the new kids in our class.”

“To be honest I thought I would be miserable up there but I had lots of fun. . . . The campfire we had in the middle of the woods was a good bond for the grade because we had to make a song and sing it to everyone at the campfire. It was kind of weird but, hilarious at the same time.”