• March 8, 2019

    Diversity Day

    By Alex Lo ’23 “And the glory of the lord and the glory of the world shall prevail.” These words resonated through the chapel on a chilly Tuesday morning. It was a day after Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday and time for the annual Diversity Day.   On August 28, 1963, Dr. King delivered his iconic speech, I Have a Dream. Kevin Powell came to Belmont Hill to spread the same values of Dr. King. Powell worked hard and escaped poverty ascending from a poor childhood to graduating from college and becoming an activist. More importantly, he went from a man who degraded and looked upon women as objects to becoming a speaker against violence to women and girls. Kevin Powell chose love over hatred and prejudice. He learned to love anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, age, or abilities.   With the fairly recent #MeToo movement, Kevin talked about how women have rights that are equal to men’s rights. Interestingly, Mr. Leonardis gave a powerful insight into his life, where one day he was teaching his daughter how to play Tee-ball. When he told her if she hit the ball at a set distance, a man would get on base, she replied, “Why can’t it be a girl.” Many years ago, this remark may have been ignored, but now women are standing up to those who have abused and degraded them. This action further proves that women are strong and can fight the past wrongdoings that others have made.   After the speech, the students were separated into advisor groups and talked with either younger or older boys. For both groups, they got to interact and see how others different in age, saw the problems in the world, benefiting them all.   Later in the day, the...
  • March 8, 2019

    Is Water wet?

    By Duncan Kilbride Is water wet? A common question wondered by many. The answer to this hypothetical varies depending on the person. Although many support the idea of water being wet, it has been scientifically proven to actually depend on the amount of water or liquid present. One water molecule is considered dry or not wet, but two or more, also known as a strong tetrahedral hydrogen bond making, is wet. This is proven by the very definition of wetness, the state or condition of being covered or saturated with water or another liquid; dampness. One water molecule is not covered or saturated with water. But multiple substances would result in that molecule “being covered” or touching another water molecule. This long-time discussed inquiry has been proven by some of the many scientists and others who wished to seek out this question.  Water is “dry” when singular on the molecular scale, and wet to anything more than that.
  • March 8, 2019

    For People Who Have Too Much Time

    By Andrew Bittner and Brian Lee Congratulations! You were able to fit into the category of the “people who have too much time,” and are able to read this fascinating article! We ensure you, it will be an article you will forget by tomorrow, but still, it’s awfully interesting, with no doubt. Now before we start, we want you to know that our writing is credible, so, we will tell you a little bit about ourselves. Let’s start with Professor Bittner. He is one of the most intelligent human beings on Earth, who first became known to the whole world when he was able to scientifically break down the morally challenging question that no one was able to answer; is water wet? To this day, if you are still one of those people who don’t know the answer to this question, please go to a useful source named “Google” and look him up. Or, you can personally shoot him an email and he will answer that particular question, or anything else as best as he can. Our point is, he deserves a lot, and we mean a lot, of respect.   As for Dr. Lee, he is extraordinarily adept in a variety of fields of math and has recently been invited to travel the world and explain his mathematical proof of God, the meaning of life, and how many grains of sand are in the average beach. Not that anyone will understand his proof as no one in the world has the cognitive capacity to understand past his introductions, but the mere presence of such as scholar is enough to bring audiences from around the world, and we mean, AROUND the world. Now that you know that this article is more credible than any other source in the world, let’s...
  • March 8, 2019

    NBA Tiers

    By Noah Farb (All records as of 1/29)   Tier One: Championship Contenders   1.Golden State Warriors Record 35-14   Enough said.   Tier Two: If Curry Breaks His Leg…   Milwaukee Bucks Record 35-13   They somehow have a better record than the Warriors and have looked ok when Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the bench.   Toronto Raptors Record 37-15   If Kawhi Leonard keeps playing like this my grandpa (Raptors Fan) will be very happy in the playoffs.   Denver Nuggets Record 33-15   If Nikola Jokic stops getting stupid suspensions and instead gets ejected, he might carry my fantasy team to a win. Oklahoma City Thunder Record 31-18   Paul George has been so clutch that Westbrook has semi-normal usage during close games.   Philadelphia 76ers Record 32-18   If Ben Simmons had a jump shot this would be the best team in the NBA.   Boston Celtics Record 30-19   Trying my hardest not to be biased but if Gordon Hayward is half as good as he was in 2016-2017 they’re easily the best team in the East.   Houston Rockets Record 29-20 James Harden has scored 30+ points in more games straight than 12 teams have total wins.   Tier Three: If Curry and Durant Break Their Legs…   Portland Trail Blazers Record 31-20   If Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum had another all-star with them this team could be scary, but Lillard would not beat Horkan for me. Utah Jazz Record 29-22   In the insanely competitive West the Jazz could move from the 7th seed to the 3rd in six days.   San Antonio Spurs Record 29-22   They have Popovich who is the Belichick of basketball. His playoff streak won’t end like Belichick’s AFC Championship streak will never end.   Los Angeles...
  • By Daniel Bittner This MLB offseason has been record breaking – not because of any large contracts with big figure dollars or lengthy deals – but rather the opposite: because of its lack of transactions of any type. Some of the game’s biggest stars, including Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, are receiving limited interest and disappointing offers. Meanwhile, players on the wrong end of 30 years old, such as Yasmani Grandal and Andrew Miller, despite being some of the best players at their positions, are having to sign risky, short-term deals with low-market teams to receive any job at all. While one might assume the cause of this inactivity is due to the depth and abundance of young talent on major league rosters, the real reason is far more disturbing. In fact, many major league teams are unwilling to commit to these prosperous stars simply because these teams want to lose. While the players will still try their best on the field, the goal of the owners and front offices is to lose as many games as possible in order to receive better draft selections in the future. Seeing the success of teams such as the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs who have done this strategy, called ‘tanking’, has resulted in over half of the MLB’s 30 teams attempting to follow in their footsteps today. In response to this lack of interest to free agents from MLB teams, some of the game’s top stars including Kris Bryant, Evan Longoria, and Jake Arrieta have spoken out against owners and front offices. However, the opposing executives have little incentives to comply with these players’ desires, as while overall attendance over the past years in MLB ballparks has dropped, overall revenues have increased. Thus, the only hope that the players have to right...
  • March 7, 2019

    Should School Start Later?

    Should School Start Later?   The National Sleep Foundation states that an average teenager needs around 9 hours of sleep every night. Most Belmont Hill students rarely meet this requirement. Loss of sleep can be harmful to, paying attention, solving problems, dealing with stress, and much more. These effects can alter academic and athletic performances. Methods similar to, cutting sports or decreasing the amount of homework the students have would not happen without consequences. Moreover, there may be another solution, such as starting school later.   Argument For: As teenagers turn into adolescents, their body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock is reset. This causes a teen to fall asleep later and then wake up later. After asking a few Belmont Hill students, some have said that they try to go to sleep earlier, but end up sitting in their bed unable to fall asleep. This is an example of the circadian rhythm causing students to stay up later. In 1923, when Belmont Hill started, the school started at 9:00 in the morning. Hypothetically, the students could be allotted an extra one hour of sleep. As a result, the students would be more attentive and possibly increase athletic and academic results. One hour of sleep may seem small, but the benefits it provides are certainly impactful.   Argument Against: If school starts later, all activities have to be moved later. A major problem is parent work schedules. If school is moved one hour later, many parents will not be able to drive their children to school and still be on time for work. Also, that means students might have more responsibilities such as preparing breakfast and getting to school on their own. The school buses schedule will have to be changed as well. This may cause conflicts with the school or...
  • February 21, 2019

    Why IM Squash Should Exist

    Why IM Squash Should Exist Luke Carroll & Kevin Jiang Intramural programs at Belmont Hill are under attack. Across the board, the school has tightened policy regarding any IM Sports. Recently, IM Basketball and Tennis were canceled. Squash cannot be next. If we don’t take a stand now, our school will lack accommodation for any type of student (extracurricular or outside-sport oriented) other than those who play a strong sport in each and every season. IM Squash isn’t about preserving a more easy-going sport for some Middle School students; it’s about our freedom to choose as a student body and our identity as an accepting school. Both of those should be non-negotiable, yet we still need to work to defend them to this day. Intramural Squash preserves our right to choose as students, improves our school’s identity and reputation, and allows for a flourishing extracurricular community. As a student body, we have earned the right to choose between levels of sports according to our own needs and wants. If the school were to continue its aggressive policy against intramural sports, our right to choose would be squandered. IM Squash is the best example of students using this right. From former hockey players to skiers, IM Squash is the only place to find exercise without overwhelming and often unnecessary competition. The fact that intramural programs like Squash don’t exist in other seasons for Lower Schoolers should be considered tragic. Not only does it force students to invest more time and energy into sports that they aren’t passionate about, but they have to forgo extracurricular activities that would actually be to their benefit. Intramural sports aren’t a luxury, but a right. From the perspective of a student, any elimination of these programs should be intolerable. As an entire community, retaining our IM...
  • February 21, 2019

    Why IM Squash Shouldn’t Exist

    Why IM Squash Shouldn’t Exist Luke Carroll and Lawrence Tang Middle School Intramural Squash shouldn’t exist. Intramural sports as a whole, in fact, are useless; they offer no structure, exercise, or progress for the students in that sport and are otherwise wasteful. Recently, IM Basketball was canceled. IM Squash should be the next to go. Belmont Hill has a reputation for excellence in athletics, and that reputation shouldn’t be damaged by the existence of gratuitous “hobby sports”. The best decision as a community would be to expand the Third Squash program (or other winter sports) and completely eliminate IM Squash. There are two outstanding issues with this and any other intramural sport: it tarnishes Belmont Hill’s reputation and takes up time and much-needed resources. Firstly, though few other schools have mandatory sports like BH, almost none have intramural sports teams. The mandatory sports requirements don’t exist for the sake of forcing the students to play a sport; they exist so students can work together on a team and gain real athletic and leadership skills. IM Squash lacks in both of these benefits, failing to fulfill Belmont Hill’s core values. Not only does it tarnish the school’s sports reputation, but it sets back the students who decide to take it, regarding their athletic career. Belmont Hill is the most dominant school in the ISL, yet allows its reputation within and without the league to suffer because of its IM programs. These facts alone should have convinced the school to cancel any IM programs, yet IM Squash still exists. Other than its reputation, though, Belmont Hill should cancel the intramural program to alleviate some stress on faculty members and stop the waste of resources. IM Squash requires faculty members, takes valuable time, and needs to be supplied (with balls, etc.) by our...
  • February 21, 2019

    Ghost Story: A Murderer’s Fate

    A Murderer’s Fate Thomas Romney I jolted out of bed, throwing the sheets into a heap on the floor. The room was freezing cold, but I was drenched in sweat. My heart was racing as I thought of the dream which I had seen moments earlier. It was a vision I saw every time I closed my eyes at night to sleep. Every night, I was transported to the same, dark alleyway; the full moon illuminated the scene of gore in front of me. My dear wife lay in a pool of blood, both of her eyes gouged out by the cruel blade in my hand. Every time I tried to run, but my legs were frozen in place, forcing me to confront the egregious act which I had committed. Suddenly, a forceful gust of wind tore through my drawn curtains, rattling the doors of the ancient dresser in the corner of the room. The moon cast a sickly, pale white light into my chamber, causing eerie shadows to fall where it’s light could not reach. The room, once occupied by my late wife, was more elaborate in decoration than my philistine tastes enjoyed. Fine tapestries lined the walls, and an intricate carpet covered the entire floor. I shut the window and lit an oil lamp on my nightstand to dispel the sinister silhouettes caused by the ghastly moon. As the room lit up, a terrible figure attracted my gaze, but before I could focus my attention on it, it had disappeared. Believing the specter to be merely a figment of my imagination, I moved to enter the washroom, opening the door opposite to the window, cautiously and slowly because of my irrational fear. Suddenly, I froze. The door was open merely a crack, but inside I saw a glimpse...

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